Workplace wellbeing



Behind every business, service and product are people. A people centred approach to business knows the greatest and most valuable asset of any organisation are the people involved. If a business wants to truly succeed and grow, it values and invests in developing people. 

The health of the people within any business determines not only the volume of work that is produced but also the quality. Yoga and body awareness education supports your teams health and wellbeing, It represents the H in Work Health and Safety, and in turn the health and growth of your business.

Staff wellbeing programs, classes and workshops (face to face or online) focus on posture, body awareness, breath and staying focused and on task. Practical activities and tips are shared in a light-hearted way to reduce stress, build vitality, develop team harmony and inspire long term change. It's no quick fix, instead it is a simple and cost effective way to support your teams health and wellbeing. Your team will learn body care techniques that can be easily integrated during their day. We focus on steady, sustainable development.

"47% of the time workers are mentally off-task"

Killingsworth (2010)  A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind


Classes and workshops are held in your office or workplace – anywhere in the Northern NSW area or Online. For face to face bookings in other locations please enquire.


We cater for small and large groups which could form part of your Staff Training & Development days. Your presenter is highly experienced to support your staff to deeply unwind and let go, while understanding that once finished, your team needs to be focused and ready for what's next.


Class prices vary depending on the number of participants, duration and regularity. Download this post program report to see what participants have said.


"It's very relaxing and allows us to witness

the effects of stress on the body. 

Everything was less tense in the office." ~ Participant

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Great for workplaces with limited space. All that is needed is a space with chairs. Classes develop body awareness, presence and quality. Suitable for all.

TIME: 30 or 45 minutes

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These classes require a larger space so that your team can lay down to participate. Classes are based on stillness and simple movements to  rejuvenate the body and being.

TIME: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

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Breath, body awareness and simple movement to build , strength, focus and harmony. Classes are tailored for

each group and their physical abilities.

TIME: 30, 45 or 60 minutes