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6 week program, 1 class per week

Starts Saturday 30 July 2022

$95 for 6 classes

Recordings available



WEEK 1   Sun 7 Aug       4pm AU, 7am UK, 8am EU *(Virgo Full Moon 12.08.22)

WEEK 2   Sat 13 Aug      4pm AU, 7am UK, 8am EU

WEEK 3   Sun 21 Aug      4pm AU, 7am UK, 8am EU

WEEK 4   Sat 27 Aug       4pm AU, 7am UK, 8am EU

WEEK 5   Sun 4 Sept       4pm AU, 7am UK, 8am EU

WEEK 6   Sat 10 Sept      4pm AU, 7am UK, 8am EU *(Libra Full Moon 10.09.22)

For all other times please use:

* Full Moon - Fri 12 August (Virgo)

Living in Stillness

The Living in Stillness program is open for all. No experience is necessary and you don't need to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility to join. It's a great way to stop, re-connect with your body and enjoy the simplicity, space and inner stillness. Living in Stillness is a way of living rather than a physical practice and therefore continually deepens and expands during the week and throughout the program. Each program is of a uniquely personal nature, while being presented in a group format.



The Program

6 weeks, 1 class per week. Esoteric Yoga returns us to our magnificence. In the seemingly smallest of movements the body is opened to receiving the true riches of the Universe. Every mo(ve)ment has the potency for great expansion, deepening, and alchemy and is never for us alone as being moved by the oneness enriches everyone. Each 1-hour class presents simply the space to deeply surrender and be in the readiness to respond to what's next. This program is held during the sacredness and flow of the Virgo and Libra Full moons. Due to time zones recordings are available so that you can design your own program of 6 sessions during this period.

Our true wealth is our alignment with Our Soul




Enjoy the beauty, space and

simplicity of Stillness.

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