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s t i l l n e s s

        esoteric yoga program

                     6 week program, 1 class per week

                          Starts Saturday 27 Jan 2024

                                 $95 for 6 classes

                               Recordings available



WEEK 1   Sat 27 Jan        4pm AU, 5am UK, 6am EU

WEEK 2   Sun 4 Feb         4pm AU, 5am UK, 6am EU

WEEK 3   Sat 10 Feb        4pm AU, 5am UK, 6am EU

WEEK 4   Sun 18 Feb       4pm AU, 5am UK, 6am EU

WEEK 5   Sat 24 Feb        4pm AU, 5am UK, 6am EU

WEEK 6   Sun 3 Mar         4pm AU, 5am UK, 6am EU

For all other times please use:

Living in Stillness

The Living in Stillness program is open for all. No experience is necessary. It's a great way to stop, surrender and enjoy the simplicity, space and inner stillness. Living in Stillness is a way of living rather than a physical practice and therefore continually provides us with a marker of truth from our body.


The Program

Esoteric Yoga returns us to the depths of our body and being. Each movement is designed to become a marker, a register of vibrational quality. Our whole body is then what receives and responds to whatever is before us.

With our body as our marker of vibrational truth, the quality of stillness becomes our foundation, our bedrock, quality and presence to be lived. When we have been disturbed, when we have re-acted, when we have sensed a deeper offering and our movements have not yet responded, Esoteric Yoga brings us back to our body and the settlement and stillness within.

Esoteric Yoga uses simple, everyday movements as a means for us to know the energetic quality of stillness. A forever deepening marker and gateway to our multi-dimensionality.

Due to time zones recordings are available so that you can design your own program of 6 sessions during this period.


"In Stillness the entire Universe communicates. Stillness is a sound, a vibration, a depth of being that resides within us all."

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