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Vicky Scott

Vicky is based in Northern NSW, Australia. She has been presenting Yoga since 2004 in both Australia and overseas through face to face and online workshops, programs, classes and at international retreats. She first became qualified as a Yoga teacher and therapist at the same time she was working as a Financial Accountant. Like many, she turned to Yoga as a means to deal with increasing tension/stress and to support her health and wellbeing. It was through Yoga, body awareness and stillness she began to discover the relationship between the quality of our movements and their direct effect on our whole body.

Vicky brings an in-depth understanding of the human body. She specialises in Esoteric Yoga and body awareness as a means to support clients to discover: the beauty and simplicity of stillness; the science of movement; and the awareness this brings to the way we live our lives. She continues to work in corporate accounting and finance full-time with a whole new approach and appreciation for what every day offers. Yoga has now become a way of living rather than a 'go to' in times of stress.


       Yoga is a means to know and understand ourselves,

others and the world we live in.


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