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Is movement only the physical movements we make with our body like sitting, walking, bending and so on? Or is there much more to movement that we have been led to believe? By connecting with our body and bringing awareness to our movements we get to understand two things:


  1. The impact of our movements

  2. The power of our movements


Our movements include not only how we are physically moving our body, but how we speak, the types of thoughts we have, the emotional re-actions or ups and downs we go through, and even our intentions. Everything that is going on within our body and mind is a movement. This alone can change our whole perspective of movement and our awareness of how much is happening every day.


We have the choice and ability to be quite careless and reckless with our body, but what if we turned that around and brought more care and attention to how we moved – on every level? It changes everything when we understand that our movements are in fact very powerful. We learn that how we move our body impacts how we feel, the types of thoughts we receive, our perception and how we handle situations.


An Esoteric Yoga class gives you the space to explore the affect and power of movement and how the quality of all of your movements can entirely change the way you feel.

The sum total of our movements = Our way of living

Our way of living = Our health and wellbeing

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