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Our Body

Why is our body so worth taking care of?


How we treat ourselves on every level is always being experienced and registered by our body. But as we know we can push it, drive it recklessly and abuse it. We can even start to think we are getting away with it. Why? Because the signs aren’t always so immediate. The effects of how we treat ourselves accumulate one by one, until there comes a time where we are accepting such things as those sleepless nights, aching lower backs, headaches and endless fatigue as being the new normal.


In a Yoga class we learn that there is a way of being with and treating ourselves with the respect and care that we deserve. You will be bringing awareness to your posture, movements, breath and even the quality of your thoughts. You will learn to move in a way that leaves you feeling open, light, relaxed and more aware. Most importantly you get to know who you are without the stress, ups and downs, negative thoughts and so on. As we connect with our body on this deeper level, the more we remember that we have a body and being that is well worth taking care of.

Esoteric Yoga is deeply restorative and supports

true and natural movement and posture.

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