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Esoteric Yoga

Esoteric Yoga is all about our movements. Everything we do matters and in a class, program or workshop we get to observe how our body responds to all that we do. While the most obvious is how we physically move our body, the not so obvious movements also include our behaviours, attitudes, thoughts and intentions. This is all taking place every day, whether we are aware of it or not.


Classes are designed for everyone, of all ages and physical abilities. You will be either laying down or sitting in a chair and taken through a sequence of simple everyday movements that don’t place any strain or stress on your body. The movements bring your attention and awareness to your body, the affect of your movements and allow you to observe on a much deeper level how you are feeling. What is learnt in a class can then be applied to all aspects of your life.

Every class is different, even though the movements are very similar. This is to remind us that the quality of our movements each and every day directly affects our health and wellbeing. 

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Let your body be your teacher.

“The material on this website is based upon the principles of The Ageless Wisdom which offers an energetic understanding of life. Any references to science are references to energetic science as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, and not to evidence-based science in mankind’s modern era. Any references to specific aspects of Medicine are to illustrate the relevance of energetic wisdom, as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, in the interplay of bodily illness and disease rather than contradicting the current theories of disease causation or in any way to replace epidemiology. The principles conveyed on this website, and their application in the therapies applied in this clinic, are philosophical and religious, and thus are not verified within the evidence-based rationales and critical appraisal process of evidence-based science including CONSORT2010 compliant double blind randomised controlled trials. The therapies practised in this clinic are based on the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and thus, in line with those presentations and teachings, they do not diagnose, treat, prevent or offer any therapeutic cure to any disease or illness, are complementary-to-medicine and are never a replacement of or alternative to conventional medicine. If you have any question or concern about the cause, diagnosis or treatment of any disease or illness, you should consult a registered medical practitioner.”

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