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Stillness is our natural way of living and being. Without it we can feel scattered, unfocused, unconfident and unable to let go and relax. We often think of stillness as not moving, being motionless. However stillness is an inner quality, a state of being that is always possible for us to experience. Stillness brings our attention to the fact that we have a physical body and a ‘being’. Both of which require equal care and attention.


In stillness we know who we are, without the stress, anxiousness, exhaustion, overwhelm and so on. It can be likened to feeling the calm within a storm. Where all around there can be chaos, complications, stress and the ‘noise’ of life, but on the inside there is a steadfastness. An inner confidence that makes us feel solid, focused and able to deal with whatever is next.


Esoteric Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Stillness. It provides you with the space to re-acquaint yourself with your natural quality. It is a way of living that goes well beyond the class.

Stillness is an endless source of true wealth and wisdom.

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