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Well-being at Work on a Budget

Taking our time and having good posture is important for the quality of our work.

Well-being doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, it is something that is available to everyone, regardless of our age, background, financial status and it certainly isn't more available to someone with a certain job title.

A typical day at work can start from anywhere between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. And then we have all the variations in between. How we feel at the start of the day or shift, compared to at the end of the day says a lot about how we have been at work. For some the start of the day is already grueling, with a coffee or something stronger needed just to get up and going.

"Well-being starts with our body"

What is available for everyone regardless of our type or location of work is a relationship with our body. This isn't just any kind of relationship, but one that that truly cares for, which means treating our body well, knowing that at the end of the day we are totally responsible for this.

So what does this mean and what does it look like when we may have a very demanding or even stressful workload?


How we are carrying our body around during the day is having a huge impact on how we feel. Take for example rushing, and that age-old belief that if we rush we will get things done faster. Rushing is putting a constant strain on us, it's like driving in 5th gear when we need to be in 2nd. Not to mention the mistakes and yes, the poor quality of the work that is done when we rush. When we rush our nervous system goes into overdrive. When we work in a steady, focused way, our body can remain calm and relaxed, without taxing and draining our energy.

TIP #1 don't rush, it doesn't save you or anyone else time (Cost $0 / Saving $$$$$)


Do you ever notice how you can be sitting down, slumped in your chair, shoulders rolled forward, chin sticking out and chest caving in? What effect do you think this might be having on your body and your organs? Without any medical background we all know that some of our organs will be getting squashed, our muscles will be working hard at holding such an unnatural position, and it can make us very tired and ready to fall asleep. Know the feeling? Our body posture is something we can override for hours if we are disconnected from our body. But the moment we bring our awareness back to our body again, we can't help but feel how uncomfortable it is to sit like this. Let alone how this also affects our thoughts. Sit slumped for a while and experiment. If this is your 'normal', then sit up with an open, supportive posture for a week and experiment.

TIP #2 value your posture (Cost $0 / Saving $$$$$)

This is just the start. When we return to treating our body with the care and respect it deserves, our body is very quick to respond. Live it and know for yourself.

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