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The Gift that keeps on Giving

It’s that time of the year again. I’m sure Christmas decorations are going up earlier and earlier every year. Why we have one day of the year that seems to dominate the entire calendar and focus of people’s lives still bemuses me. It’s not called the silly season for no reason. For some it’s permission to ‘let go’ and be a bit silly. A time to eat more, drink more, stay up later, spend more and let our hair down ‘so to speak’. If we take a closer look at some of these choices, we have to ask is that really what ‘having a good time’ is all about? Or could it be more honestly described as a level of indulgence and escape? I can’t help but feel how the phrase ‘letting our hair down’ has got more to do with ‘being ourselves’ than with indulging and effectively disturbing the natural rhythm and harmony of our body. Instead of going for the foods or drinks that make us feel heavy, dull our awareness or stimulate our nervous system or staying up way past what’s healthy for us we could be the rebels of society. The ones that don’t follow the trend but set the trend. Taking care of our body and our being, on every level, is a worthy investment any day of the year. Taking the time to eat foods that nourish, drinks that hydrate, exercise and activities that leave us feeling settled, inspired and with an inner stillness are valuable beyond measure. They are investments in what truly counts, the body we live in and the awareness we receive. The alternative is what we already have in abundance, exhaustion, depression, sleeping issues, pain, loveless relationships and that sense of feeling lost at sea.... you get the picture. When we make our focus on any one day in particular, like we do Christmas Day, are we not missing out on the potential of every day. Each day is what we make of it. The sun rises and sets and we continue to cycle around the Sun. In this great cycle we are part of, every day is rich with opportunities. Opportunities to bring more quality by taking deep care of our body and being, being respectful and loving with others and ultimately being open to the fact that we are here to evolve. This is a day we can truly celebrate. Give yourself the gift of Stillness each and every day. A gift that opens us up to the richness of the Universe.

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