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sleeplessness, insomnia

A young 20 something guy grabs a can of V out of the fridge as he arrives for work. The smell of coffee greets employees as they walk through the door. A woman in her 30’s nibbles on some chocolate at morning tea. The line up outside the coffee shops and kiosks are growing by the day. These sights are becoming increasingly normal in our day. We are amidst a silent epidemic that has been infiltrating homes and workplaces for sometime now.

Whether its insomnia, having a restless night or the all too common experience of waking up just as tired and exhausted as you were before you went to bed, sleeplessness has become the modern day plague.

Do coffee, sweets, energy drinks and chocolate or anything sugar or caffeine laden really deal with tiredness, exhaustion and sleeplessness that people are experiencing?

In a room of 16 people the question was put forward to a corporate training group “How many of you feel like you get enough sleep”. Out of 16 people not one person put their hand up. This wasn’t a study on sleep, but an innocent question put forward to those present to highlight the importance of sleep. Yet what it revealed is that we may have a lot more to learn about sleep than we realise.

Our sleep is intricately connected with how

we have been living during the day.

Sleep doesn’t just happen. The choices we make during the day and the way we run our body play an integral part in the quality of sleep we will experience. We can make choices that can change the quality of our sleep. It’s no quick fix, but the body can be restored to it’s natural rhythm.

Here’s a free 15 minutes body awareness audio to help you prepare for sleep. You can do it in bed and repeat it each night if you like. The movements are very simple and gentle and can settle the body and legs before sleep.

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